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Young Living(2 Pack) Magnesium Glycinate Liquid Drop, 1000mg

Young Living(2 Pack) Magnesium Glycinate Liquid Drop, 1000mg

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- 100 % NATURAL, SAFE, VEGETARIAN-FRIENDLY INGREDIENTS: Our Magnesium products are soy-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, Non-GMO & vegetarian, with no corn, no eggs, no wheat, no tree nuts, no peanuts, no fish/shellfish, no cholesterol, no artificial colors, flavors, binders, fillers and sugar-free

- MAXIMUM POTENCY MAGNESIUM COMPLEX: Our Triple Magnesium Complex 2000mg Formulated combines 3 High POTENT MAGNESIUM Glycinate(bisglycinate),Citrate etc.) Each is chelate or highly absorbable for maximum bioavailability and with natural whole food nutrients to synergistic increase the effectiveness which is the easiest form of magnesium for the body to absorb in which to helps you reap its benefits more!"

- EXTRA STRENGTH:Our Elemental Magnesium with Vitamin D, K, B6,, L-Glutathione,L-Theanine to synergistic increase the effectiveness,sleep&stress support and help manage energy levels and feel better good*
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