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MTattoo Aftercare 1.76 fl oz Tattoo Balm, For New & Older Tattoos

MTattoo Aftercare 1.76 fl oz Tattoo Balm, For New & Older Tattoos

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- ENHANCE & MAINTAIN YOUR INK - This balm instantly enhances ink vibrancy as it forms a protective barrier on skin to help moisturize and soothe skin.

- ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS:Butyrospermum Parkllshea Butter Soothes Dry Skin,Sweet Almond Oil-Improves Texture+ Tone coco Butter-Helps Smooth and Nourish Skin,Mentha Haplocalya Oil-Helps Soothe and Heal Skin.

- FOR NEW OR OLD TATTOOS - For old tattoo:Make it look as cool as new,Preserves body art boosts tattoo colors,Helps prevent fading;For new tattoo:Helps accelerate healing,Relieves pain and swelling,Reduces redness,Reduces redness,Antimicrobial and anti-infalammatory.

- FOR SENSITIVE SKIN - Whether you have sensitive skin, or you’ve had a tattoo applied to a sensitive area of the body,PFARRER'S tattoo balm is a combination of fatty-acid, antioxidant rich butters and lightweight oils support skin’s natural barrier while fending off harmful environmental stressors for healthy-looking, dynamic tattoos both old and new.

- WORKS ON ALL SKIN COLORS AND INK COLORS - PFARRER's tattoo cream perfectly solves any skin color and ink situation.
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