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BIQU Tenacious Resin 3D Printer Resin, Fast Curing UV Photopolymer Resin

BIQU Tenacious Resin 3D Printer Resin, Fast Curing UV Photopolymer Resin

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- ❤High Resistance: Are you worried that the printed model will break when it is accidentally dropped? Popping when you're playing with compressing a model?BIQU Tenacious Resin has a tensile strength of 48-50 MPa and a hardness of 82 Shore D, Stretch Rate is 8%, it has high impact resistance and toughness, making the printed model less brittle and ideal for making strong and flexible functional parts.

- ❤High Toughness: This tough 3D printer resin is the toughest resin we've picked through trial and error. The printed models are easy to store and non-fragile, easy to remove, and their extreme toughness allows printed thin objects to bend 180° without breaking. It solves the problem that the resin is too brittle, and can be well applied to the fields that require high material toughness.

- ❤Wide Application: Compatible with most LCD DLP 3D printers in the market, for example, it is suitable for 3D printers such as Elegoo Mars, Saturn, Acubic Photon, Sonic Mini 4K, etc. its excellent performance will bring you a first-class printing experience and save your hobby cost, high toughness and flexibility make this flexible resin mainly used in Miniature models, making braces, gaskets, table games, mini game models and more.

- ❤Easy to Print: 405nm UV resin has good flow and rapid prototyping, allowing you to have an efficient printing experience. Liquid resin is easier to dye, and at the same time has strong adhesion to the model, and is easy to fall off after molding.
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