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Baby Nasal Aspirator, 75kpa Poweful Suction, High Flow Electric Nose Suction

Baby Nasal Aspirator, 75kpa Poweful Suction, High Flow Electric Nose Suction

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- Powerful Suction: With a high-torque brushless motor and adjustable suction up to 75kpa, TinyBliss electric nasal aspirator for babies achieves professional-grade effectiveness, effortlessly handling various viscosities of nasal mucus. Unlike handheld models at 60kpa,TinyBliss baby nose sucker ensures superior performance.

- Rapid Suction: The infant nose sucker's powerful pump delivers a flow rate of 6L/min, while handheld nose aspirators manage only 2.5L/min. Paired with a 3mm aperture nozzle, it swiftly removes mucus, reducing baby discomfort and fussiness without blockages.

- Gentle Care: TinyBliss booger sucker for baby equipped with four liquid silicone nasal suction tips, softer than traditional silicone, providing gentle nasal care for babies, BPA-Free, safe electric nose sucker for newborns, infants, toddlers and kids.

- Innovative 3-in-1 Functionality: Combines an electric nasal aspirator, white noise machine, and night light. Its unique modular design and noise reduction technology keep babies away from noisy environments, while 6 high-fidelity natural sounds and music soothe and enhance their focus.

- Upgraded Battery System: TinyBliss baby nose cleaner features a 2000mAh battery, three times that of handheld models. Equipped with a 30ml collection cup, it ensures extended usage and traveling without worry.
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