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BlinDecor Light Filtering Cellular Shades Cordless 35" x 64" Honeycomb Blinds

BlinDecor Light Filtering Cellular Shades Cordless 35" x 64" Honeycomb Blinds

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- [Cordless Design & Safety] Elevate your family's safety with our cordless cellular shades. An ideal choice for households with children or pets, these shades offer both security and style. When lowered, they provide complete privacy, blocking undesired external views and creating a soothing sanctuary.

- [Effortless Lowering & Raising] Unleash the convenience of our window cellular shades. With a discreet control system, you can effortlessly raise or lower your shades using only your fingertips. Cleaning is a breeze too – simply wipe with a cloth or feather duster. No washing machines required; these shades retain their immaculate appearance effortlessly.

- [Noise Reduction & Thermal Comfort] Experience tranquility with our honeycomb blinds for window. The unique hexagonal honeycomb design creates an insulating barrier, effectively absorbing noise and maintaining room temperature. Enjoy energy efficiency and a serene indoor environment that exudes comfort.

- Energy Saving: Soft polyester Light Filtering fabric provide privacy while allowing a soft light into the room. Perfect for living room, reading room, kitchen, bedroom and so on.

- [Inside/Ooutside Mount Flexibility] Achieve the perfect fit for your window frame. Opt for an inside mount for a snug feel (requires a minimum 2" window frame depth). If total darkness is your goal, the outside mount is your solution.
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